информационные технологии для архивов и библиотек
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Software for digital archives/libraries and researchers

Digital Llibrary Management Systems 

See also: Digital Library Software, Digital Collection Management Software, repository application, etc.

DSpace open source software is a turnkey repository application used by more than 1000+ organizations and institutions worldwide to provide durable access to digital resources.


Greenstone is a suite of software for building and distributing digital library collections. It provides a way of organizing information and publishing it on the web or on removable media such as DVD and USB flash drives. Greenstone is produced by the New Zealand Digital Library Project at the University of Waikato, and developed and distributed in cooperation with UNESCO and the Human Info NGO. It is open-source,multilingual software, issued under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Read the Greenstone Factsheet for more information.

The aim of the Greenstone software is to empower users, particularly in universities, libraries, and other public service institutions, to build their own digital libraries. Digital libraries are radically reforming how information is disseminated and acquired in UNESCO's partner communities and institutions in the fields of education, science and culture around the world, and particularly in developing countries. We hope that this software will encourage the effective deployment of digital libraries to share information and place it in the public domain. Further information can be found in the book How to build a digital library, authored by three of the group's members.


Professional Digital Repository Solutions. We offer a complete range of services to support EPrints, including hosting, training and consultancy.Why use EPrints Services?

  • Ten years of international experience in repository development and deployment
  • Service provided by the same team that develops EPrints
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Clear choice of service options
  • Minimizes impact on staffing resources
  • Sustainability of ongoing support capability
  • Based at a leading research institution recognised for leadership in Open Access

Types of Service Offered. We can help you by:

  • Hosting and maintaining your repository
  • Customising the repository to your specifications
  • Importing your legacy data
  • Providing ongoing technical support
  • Providing customised training for repository managers and IT personnel
  • Advising on policy development
  • Assisting with advocacy and promotion
  • Providing expert project management from project proposal to product launch

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- ContentDM CONTENTdm® makes everything in your digital collections available to everyone, everywhere. No matter the format — local history archives, newspapers, books, maps, slide libraries or audio/video — CONTENTdm can handle the storage, management and delivery of your collections to users across the Web. 

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collectionspace an open-source collections management system developed by the community and stewarded by LYRASIS

collectiveaccess free open-source software for managing and publishing museum and archival collections. 
  • Runs on any modern web browser
  • Pre-configured with several library standards including Dublin Core, PBCore, VRA Core and more
  • Customizable through simple user interfaces — no complex programming required
  • Reporting tools easily generate finding aids and exports to PDF or spreadsheet-readable formats
  • Supports multilingual cataloging
  • Mapping tools allow you to georeference any asset
  • Integrated with Library of Congress subject headings, Getty vocabularies, GeoNames, and more
  • Plugins extend the software's core functionality to support timelines, visualizations, image licensing and more
  • Import frameworks allow for the batch migration and transformation of media and data
  • Free online documentation and support

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Serious Web Publishing. Create complex narratives and share rich collections, adhering to Dublin Core standards with Omeka on your server, designed for scholars, museums, libraries, archives, and enthusiasts.

What is OmekaIntroduction to Omeka 2.0 - Pricing - Sample projects

Platforms for publishing and sharing documents of all kinds

See also: Digital publishing platform


With over 25 million publications, issuu is the fastest-growing digital publishing platform in the world. Millions of avid readers come here every day to read the free publications created by enthusiastic publishers from all over the globe, devoted to topics such as art, fashion, film, food, technology, travel and more. That's not all: We also have a prominent range of independent publishers relying on issuu to reach new fans every day.

Created by a bunch of geeks with an undying love for publishing, issuu has grown to become one of the biggest publishing networks in the industry. It's an archive, library and newsstand all in one reading experience.

Embedded reader

Embed your publication anywhere on the web in a beautiful digital reader. Place it on your website or blog with a few simple lines of code. Customize your reader for each platform or audience with unique background, size and format. Keep your readers focused on your content by removing ads or related content around your publication.


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Mobile HTML5 Reader

Your readers don’t have to install an app to enjoy your publication from their mobile devices. Deliver the same immersive reading experience on all major mobile browsers with our HTML5 reader.

Available on all plans

Native iOS and Android apps

Distribute your publication on all major mobile platforms with native iOS, Android and Windows apps. Keep readers engaged longer and on the go with an immersive reading experience.

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Track and understand readers’ digital engagement with each piece of content in your publications on all platforms. Learn how your cover turns impressions into reads, how much time readers spend on each page, what content readers are sharing most, and much more.


Analyze impressions, read time, reads, shares and comments for your entire history  Premium

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Social sharing

Sharing an issuu link on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter or email allows your followers to read your entire publication. Increase engagement with your publications by delivering your content directly to readers on their social networks.


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Unlimited publishing

Publish as often as you like. Unlimited storage and unlimited traffic means you can use issuu for reliable distribution and storage of all your publications. Upload high resolution publications with ease and convert them from all major document formats.


Schedule publications up to 30 days in advance  Plus & Premium



The world's favorite open publishing platform. Scribd is building the world's premier book membership service. Since we launched in 2013, our readers have clocked more than 17 million hours of reading time across all genres.

In addition to making the best membership book service around, we've also built the world's most popular open platform for publishing and sharing documents of all kinds. To date, people all over the world have shared more than 60 million documents via Scribd, from landmark court filings to business presentations to academic papers from scholars around the world.

Content Marketing Automation Software


FLIP CONTENT INTO CUSTOMERS. Power your resources, social content or campaigns with an Uberflip content Hub. Integrates with marketing automation software: MailChimp, HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot.

1. AGGREGATE CONTENT. Centralize your content (blog, social, eBooks, whitepapers, video and more) into a beautiful, responsive content Hub.

2. TAILOR EXPERIENCES. Show your audience the right content with tailored content streams to increase engagement and conversion.

3. CONVERT CUSTOMERS. Convert visitors to customers with dynamic CTAs that integrate with MailChimp, HubSpot, Marketo and Eloqua.

4. MEASURE PERFORMANCE. Score your content to discover what's working and how people consume your content. Send key insights directly to your marketing automation tool.


Enterprise NoSQL database

marklogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database. It is a new generation database that is built with a flexible data model to store, manage, and search today’s data, without sacrificing any of the data resiliency and consistency features of last-generation relational databases. With these capabilities, MarkLogic is ideally suited for making heterogeneous data integration simpler and faster and for doing dynamic content delivery at massive scale. MarkLogic is optimized for structured and unstructured data—allowing you to store, manage, query and search across JSON, XML, RDF, geospatial data, text, and large binaries. This means faster time to value and an improved ability to handle change. Simpler Data Integration, One Unified Platform, Faster Development, Reduced Costs.

Integrated Library Systems

EOS.Web Digital


EOS.Web Digital® is our newest solution, designed for 100% digital and electronic libraries and hybrid libraries that are transitioning to digital content. The application and digital content may be stored on a local network server, or accessed remotely from one of our global data centers.

In addition to traditional library features, EOS.Web Digital® has many value-added features specifically designed for electronic libraries, including:

  • Electronic Resource Management
  • Electronic Content Management
  • Content Aggregator
  • Reference Tracking
  • IP Authentication
  • Classification Management
  • KnowledgeBuilder

Digital libraries offer many advantages over traditional libraries, including:

  • No physical library boundaries
  • No limited library hours of operation
  • Multiple access to the same information
  • Fast and easy information retrieval
  • Historic preservation of older materials
  • No physical space limitations
  • Improved image quality of older documents
  • Increased access to patrons through email and social networks
  • Overall reduced operational costs

Case study: Charleston School of Law

Content Management Systems

EMC Documentum Platform Critical enterprise content management access and control of all your information assets. The Documentum platform offers an enterprise content management system with the essential capabilities to control all your information content. 
Support diverse environments using open standards such as Content Management Interoperability Service (CMIS) within a service-oriented architecture.


Digital picture/photographic archives

Catalog management software

Knowledge management software

Other platforms:

                 Example project: City, museums launch treasure trove of online records (2015)