информационные технологии для архивов и библиотек
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About this site

Dear Visitor,

On this web site I share some of my old and current publications and research papers on the topics of digitization, online publishing and innovation in the libraries and archives. You may use my personal papers freely with proper credit.

Over the years, I also developed a small research collection of materials on library and information science. Some of the papers were shared with me by old friends and colleagues, while others I backed up off public web sites for the record. I continue to develop this collection and rely on it for research and ongoing projects. This site also presents a long awaited opportunity to share the collection publicly. Materials in the open “Archive, library and information science” collection come from public Internet sites and contain prominent URLs to the source of origin. If you have any questions, please contact me by email: kirill.fesenko@dlibrary.org.



Kirill Fesenko

Editor, dLibrary.org