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Maxims of today

1. if your document (book, image..) is not online, it does not exist

2. Users will prefer documents on simpler and friendlier interfaces

3. information more than ever needs to be carefully selected and served to groups of individual users

4. Role of classification systems as access points is increasing


РГО оцифрует и выложит на сайте электронный архив книг по географии (2013). Оцифрована будет личная библиотека океанографа Юлия Шокальского и полный корпус изданий, вышедших под грифом РГО - это журналы, записки РГО, известия РГО, записки отделений, этнографический журнал "Живая старина". РИА Новости http://ria.ru/science/20131120/978445133.html#ixzz3zsxW0Hji



August 23, 2011 Jody L. DeRidder The day-long research forum preceding the conference consisted of 20 presentations ranging in length from 10-30 minutes and 27 poster sessions. The content covered ranged extensively, from research in particular fields such as archeological record keeping to the impact of social activism on archivist employment. There was a heavy concentration of focus on management of digital content, including scientific data, born-digital contributions to archives, and long-term access. There were also some interesting investigations into leveraging outside input, not only for crowd-sourcing, but also for finding new ways to process archival materials. This report will focus on these areas, and include information from my own presentation on the usability of our mass-digitization methods, in order to address current and upcoming concerns for the University of Alabama Libraries. 

URL: http://jodyderidder.com/writings/confReports/SAA2011/SAA2011ResearchForumReport.pdf


..if the euthanasia movement’s records have indeed been destroyed, a lot of history has vanished, Orwell-like, down a cavernous memory hole. And with it, information the right-to-die movement doesn’t want you to know..

A new online research tool for studying Modern Orthodox Judaism is now available with Yeshiva University Libraries’ launch of the New York Synagogue Bulletins Collection, a digital collection of historic bulletins published by several prominent Modern Orthodox synagogues in the New York City area.  More than 2,000 bulletins, dating from the 1920s and assembled from the YU Libraries’ archival holdings of synagogue records, have been digitized and are fully searchable through our Digital Library at http://digital.library.yu.edu/new-york-synagogue-bulletins.  

Prior to the digital era, printed bulletins were a key vehicle through which institutions communicated with their memberships and the broader community in which they functioned.  The bulletins in this collection feature news and opinion articles on a range of topics pertaining to the parent synagogues and the larger Jewish world, in addition to containing event notices and local advertisements.  As such, they provide a valuable window into their parent organizations’ missions, viewpoints and activities.  This digital collection created by the YU Libraries from a variety of synagogues enables these artifacts to be readily accessed and comparatively studied.

The project has been funded in part by a grant awarded to the YU Libraries by the Metropolitan New York Library Council (Metro) as part of its program to expand access to historic and rare cultural heritage materials documenting the New York Metropolitan area. 


"..Call-to-Action (CTA) — A specific action that you want visitors to take. Each section represents a different CTA — a separate step in your funnel. Once you calculate those values, you can pinpoint the areas that need the most improvement. Figure out which step — if improved — would provide the greatest value. And start with those tactics. By adopting that growth hacking mindset, you can scale your growth more effectively.

TACTIC 1: Choose a Contrasting Button Color. So use that insight. Increase the visual saliency of your CTA button. Choose button colors that contrast with the rest of your page. That contrast will naturally attract attention.

Processing Fluency — The ease and speed with which we process information

TACTIC 2: Increase the Amount of Whitespace.."